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Robert Handly

I am an Eclectic Witch and have been actively practicing Witchcraft for eight years, focusing on Enochian Magic, Sigil Work, Candle Magic, and Divination. I am a devote worshipper of the Greek Goddess Hekate and the Hindu Goddess Kali among other deities. Throughout my years of active practice, and devotion, I have gained much knowledge of Crystals and Herbs especially those associated with healing and protective properties. In my current “evolutionary state” of life, I identify as a healer and have decided to use my knowledge and talent both within and outside of the spiritual community. While Witchcraft and spirituality are a significant aspect of my life, other things bring me fulfillment and joy! I enjoy helping others whether it be a struggling friend or donating the loose change in my pocket to a charity or individual in need. I also enjoy working with numbers and analyzing data which I find helpful in my current job as a bookkeeper and new business owner. I have experience in Human Resources, Team Management, and Stock Inventory from my earlier roles as a store manager at three large companies and a background in Psychology through my course work while attending college.

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Our Goal

Our Team’s goal is always to ensure we supply everything you could ever need for your magical or spiritual path. Additionally, our team's overall goal is to provide the highest quality customer service to every guest regardless of race, sex, age, or orientation- to do it all with a fast pace and a smile on our face!

Why did I open Dark Moon Apothecary, LLC?

I opened Dark Moon Apothecary, LLC with my Stepfather, Ben, because I had a feeling that this could be something big. Beyond that, I wanted to have a hand in keeping the ethical sourcing of metaphysical supplies and crystals by only supporting the vendors and companies that are fair to our earth. I want to live on this earth for a long time. I want our planet to be happy and healthy, so in turn, we can live on a peaceful, sustainable, clean earth.